Saturday, May 2, 2009

Done lambing and lamb stats

Windswept Lime had a white ram lamb. She waited to breed until I had put all the adult ewes and rams together so I don't know who the sire is. He does look like a purebred though. Lime was the last ewe to lamb (at least for now, if the four yearlings are bred they'll lamb in June.)

The lamb stats are:

18 cross bred lambs:

5 ewes- 2 white Merino/Shetlands, 1 Corriedale-Dorset/Shetland, 1 white Shetland/North Country Cheviot and 1 light grey Shetland mule (Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester)

13 rams (now wethers)- 1 white Corriedale-Dorset/Shetland, 1 light grey Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester, 1 Charcoal Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester, 3 white Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester, 5 white Shetland/North Country Cheviots, 1 Shetland mule/North Counry Cheviot and 1 Shetland mule/Shetland

16 purebred lambs:

9 ewes- 2 fawn, 3 white, 2 black, 1 light grey and 1 grey katmoget (3 are AI ones)

7 rams- 1 fawn, 2 white, 2 moorit, and 2 grey katmoget (4 are AI ones)

4 Angora kids- 2 black bucks (now wethers), 1 back doe and 1 white doe (also had 1 doe and 1 buck that did not make it-the one with the funny ribs.)

This year I won't have any ewe lambs for sale (I'm keeping all the good ones and any that don't meet my standards will go to market.) I will have a few ram lambs for sale including 1 or 2 Orion F1's. The Angora wethers and black doe kid are for sale after weaning. I also have a 3 year old red Angora buck that is for sale.

My Mom's garden (in the dining room!)

I added a picture of the " rise" in my post about rooing.

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