Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 Lambs

116 Lambs on the ground. Here goes for the list. 

Sommarang Gilroy-black, fine fleeced, horned and spotted. I'm hoping his groups throws lots of spots and fine fleeces.

Early Spring-mioget (carrys spots.) Lambs: black ewe, black krunet (white spot on head) ewe
Elm-lt. grey (carrys spots) Lambs: black ram, black ewe
Ferndale-sheala F1 Gordon Lambs:-2 black ewes
Glitter-white Lambs: white ram, white ewe
Gardenia-grey gulmoget/katomget F2 Dillon Lambs: black gulmoget ewe, grey katmoget ewe
Goldenred-moiget/musket F2 Orion Lambs: black ram, black ewe
Grettle-white F2 Jings Lambs: 2 white rams
Gladys-white F2 Jings Lamb: white ram
Hollyhocks-moorit (carrys spots) F2 Jericho Lambs: black yuglet, 3 white socks lamb (spots!) ewe, moorit ram
Honeydew-fawn katmoget (may carry spots) F2 Jericho Lambs: grey katmoget ram, black ram
Sheepy Hollow Sienna-moorit horned ewe Lambs: moorit ewe, black ram
UnderTheSon Jelly Drop-emsket Lambs: 2 black ewes
Funzie-grey katmoget, horned ewe F1 Jings Lambs: black ram, grey katmoget ram

PS23 Fife-moorit, F1 Orion fine fleece and fully horned out of a horned ewe. Long and deep bodied.
Flourance-white F2 Skeld Lambs: white ram, moorit ram
Fairlie-fawn F1 Orion. This is a linebreeding, hpoing he make the lambs crimpier and she makes them silkier as she is not very crimpy, but very silky. Lambs: moorit ram, moorit ewe
Gloria-white F2 Jings Lamb: golden musket ram
Hyacinth-grey katmoget F2 Jericho Lamb: moorit ram
Heather-grey katmoget F2 Jericho Lambs: black ewe, dk. grey katmoget ewe
Hope-white F2 Jings Lambs: white ewe, moorit ram
Hummingbird-black F2 Jericho Lambs: black ewe, black ram
Hydrangea-white F1 Skeld Lambs: white ewe, (black ram-died)
Forsythia-lt grey F2 Greyling Lambs: musket ram, black ewe

PS23 Hector-white F1 Jings super fine fleece. Fine boned and small-my smallest ram, refined. (Not undersized, just by comparison to my other rams.) I was actually going to use Fairlight my other F1 Jings who is much more meaty and a flock book type, but decided to use him  at the last minute instead.
Under The Son Aran-sheala Lambs: black ewe, black ewe with small white spot on head
Under The Son Hopi-sheala/dk brown horned ewe F2 Skeld Lambs: black ram, white ewe
Hadassah-moorit horned ewe F2 Orion Lamb: moorit ewe
Harmony-fawn katmoget, horned ewe F2 Orion Lambs: black ram, (white ewe-died)

Gilroy's lambs: 12 rams, 13 ewes

Fife's lambs: 8 rams, 6 ewes

Hector's lambs: 2 rams, 5 ewes

All Shetlands together: 22 rams, 24 ewes

Coopworth X Shetland Lambs: All whites 12 rams, 16 ewes out of 15 ewes

IleDeFrance/Dorset sired Lambs: All whites 22 rams, 16 ewes out of 22 ewes

2 girls cycled around and will be late-one of the IleDeFrance's and one of Gilroy's-Eastwind a spotted emsket. Just when I thought what nice spotted lambs they would have. Oh well.  I have 9 does due to kid starting today. Then I will be done!

I should have several purebred ewe lambs for sale as well as a few purebred Shetland ram lambs. I also will have white Coopworth X Shetland ewes for sale. The Coopworth X Shetland have very nice silky and shiny fleeces and a med. sized ewe that is a great commercial ewe with a nice handspining quality fleece .

Saturday, April 6, 2013


I have over 110 lambs and down to four more ewes to lamb and nine does to kid. I have a bunch of pictures, but can't get them on the computer right now (it has been updated and does not want to upload any pictures.)

I found this picture of a Finn ewe with seven lambs. ( )
I'm sure glad mine don't have 7 each or I'd have over 450 lambs!!!!

'Trina,' a 3-year-old Finnsheep, stands with her unusually large brood of seven 2-1/2 week-old lambs in a field at the home of their owner Colleen Peck , Thursday, April 12, 2012, in Snoqualmie, Wash. Finnsheep, a breed of domestic sheep known for multiple births, commonly give birth to up to five lambs.  The healthy septuplets, including four boys and three girls, are fed both by their mother and a supplemental formula hand fed by Peck. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)