Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nepal in His Prime

I just found a picture of Nepal the black buck from Judy while looking up some information one a couple goats sites. His sire Warlock is also pictured on the website from his original farm.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

WI Sheep And Wool

This year at the WI sheep and Wool Festival I got to visit with several other Shetland Sheep Breeders and an Angora Goat Breeder friend. One of the Angora Breeders, Judy, did not come back to vend so it was kind of sad not to see her with her booth filled with all sorts of wonderful mohair locks and yarn. She is just going to keep her goats for pets now and is getting out of both selling goats/breeding and vending. (I bought her last two bucks earlier.)

I don't have any pictures but , and have lots of nice pictures of the Shetland show and a few of the fleece show.

I entered five very crimpy single coated fleeces and won a second place with the white. The others did not place. One of the colored ones that did not place won a Reserve Champion last year at Greencastle. This years fleece is a little nicer as it is longer (shown after the rise instead of before.) The fleece that won  Champion was a spectacular jet black of Theresa's . The Reserve Champion was also really nice- a soft, crimpy grey with black tips. I think it was either Garrett's or Kim Nikolai's.

Sales were good this year thanks to many return customers. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pet Angora Goat For Sale

I have a yearling super fine (her mohair is kid fine now) and locky fleeced white Angora doe, Heidi for sale. She is available as a pet because of her size. She is too small to be bred. She was tested negative for CAE. Heidi is $60 after I shear her of $85 now.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


 Here are some pictures of my lambs. Most are crossbreds and are Shetland X Coopworth or Shetland X Corriedale. The grey katmoget is a Corriedle X and has very fine crimpy wool. I have two ewe lambs like that and they are for sale. I have a few black/charcoal grey/ dark brown Corriedale X lambs as well.
 I also have several white Coopworth X ewe lambs that are fantastic. I'm selling all the white cross lambs this year so the best are available. They really are nice and big with long (some have 4 or 5 in already) silky, soft fleece.
 The little grey ewe lamb (next to the black with horns) is Gloria's out of Gilroy.
 Keeper doe kid. Both her and her sister look alike, one is a tad paler. Both are super fine and soft!

Kids....I have several very nice doe kids and could sell a starter group with an unrelated buck if anyone is interested. Or they are for sale individually too. All are to be registered with CAGBA.

(Not sure why blogger is changing the color on my pictures. Again. Grrr.)