Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ram and Ram Lamb Micron Counts

Crossing Sires:

Coopworth- 32.2Ave 6.0SD 18.5CV 10.2CEM 0<15 38.8CF 30.7SF 29.9Min 36.1Max 28.4CRV
Corriedale-  25.1Ave 5.0SD 19.9CV 9.5CEM 0.7<15 86.3CF 24.2SF 21.5Min 27.4Max 61.6CRV

Adult Shetlands:
Fairlight-     27.6Ave 5.7SD 20.6CV 10.2CEM 0.3<15 69.7CF 26.8SF 24.1Min 31.2Max 62.4CRV
Fandango-  26.0Ave 6.1SD 23.6CV 10.4CEM 2.7<15 75.5CF 25.9SF 22.6Min 29.9Max 69.2CRV
Fife-           27.3Ave 6.1SD 22.5CV 11.3CEM 1.1<15 72.1CF 26.9SF 24.7Min 30.1Max 56.9CRV
Craigrothie-27.1Ave 6.1SD 22.6CV 11.4CEM 0.5<15 72.5CF 26.8SF 24.5Min 29.0Max 50.2CRV
Gilroy-       24.9Ave 6.5SD 26.1CV 12.7CEM 3.5<15 81.4CF 25.4SF 24.1Min 26.2Max 74.6CRV

Ram Lambs/Yearlings:

Hector-        23.4Ave 5.2SD 22.3CV 10.3CEM 2.3<15 89.8CF 23.0SF  21.6 Min 25.8Max 69.7CRV
Huckleberry-27.5Ave 5.8SD 21.0CV 10.1CEM 0.9<15 71.3CF 26.8SF  23.4 Min 30.4Max 54.1CRV
Humphry-     24.7Ave 5.3SD 21.6CV 9.0CEM 2.1<15 86.8CF 24.1SF  22.5 Min 26.1Max 71.9CRV
Skeld Ram-  22.4Ave 5.3SD 23.5CV 9.7CEM 3.7<15 92.6CF 24.1SF  19.9Min 25.2Max 47.89CRV

Fairlight and Hector are F1 Jings, Humphry is Fairlight's son so is an F2 Jings

Huckleberry is an F1 Black/Ram (I culled the other Black/Ram ram lamb as he was aggressive and jumped fences-he may have been finer, but was less crimpy.)

Fandango is and F2 Greyling and Gilroy is and F4 Greyling (Gilroy is a leased ram.)

Fife is an F1 Orion

Craigrothie and Skeld Ram are F1 Skeld (I actually wasn't going to keep the yearling, but his fleeces was very soft and he grew really well. He is polled so may be for sale as I like horned better.)

Monday, April 16, 2012


I got a red kid out of two AAGBA whites!!!!! It is quite unusual to get colored of of AAGBA (pure) whites. He, if he turns out, will be my next colored buck. He is completely unrelated to my CAGBA goats, except for a couple out of the same AAGBA buck and colored does. This fall I will use the black buck and next fall I can use him as he will be too young to use this year.

One the left is an AAGBA X CAGBA (colored) kid and the AAGBA kid on the right. He is darker! He is actually the darkest kid this year. A lot of times the apricot kids fade to white when they grow up. I don't know if he will or not.

Here he is again in the front.
Here he is with his twin, a white doe kid.Triplets taking a siesta.