Thursday, November 27, 2008


Things I am thankful for:

*freedom of religion

*gasoline (think about life with out it-no fertilizer,transportation, food in stores,ect.)

*having most of my winter hay

*Shetland sheep!

*Angoras goats, chickens, turkeys, cattle

*a family-sisters,brother, Mom,Dad, Grandparents

*My Jensen spinning wheel!

*the list goes on...

(To day we went to my cousins for Thanksgiving.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Bourbon Red Turkeys aren't so happy! We took 13 toms to the butcher and the hens we left home so they could grow more. Well we sold 11 (2 we kept) and then 5 live ones! The toms were crazy they jumped on the trampoline, climbed on cars, flew up to the roof of the house and then went walking down the hwy. They also had an almost constant gobbling contests! So it is nice that they are gone.

There is still "Tommy" the old tom, "Henalerc" and 3 young hens so they'll have babies next spring.

Also sold 19 old chickens, and 2 buck kids to a guy that sells to different ethnic groups.