Saturday, May 9, 2009

New white Angoras

The South African type Angora doe.

All of them.
Two fine Texas white Angora does. The one on the right is the finest doe.
The buck is a Newman boy. He is very fine too!

Kris W. and Judy P. went down to Texas to Tracey Ross's to get some goats and said that they could haul some for me of course I said yes! Texas is the Angora state and Tracey has some really nice goats. She has Texas and South African goats and some out of Fred Speck ( A top goat breeder whose goats are worth thousands of $$ and have kid mohair at 9 and 10 years old.) I still can't believe that I have them! Thanks Kris and Judy for hauling them!


  1. I know Tracey she use to live up by us in Northern Nevada. I always talked to her at our state fair. Our guild will miss her beautiful mohair fleece for spinning.
    Your new goats look awesome!

  2. Laura, these goats look wonderful!! Congrads on getting some good ones!

  3. Thanks! I'm so glad that I got them!!