Saturday, June 26, 2010


While we were in Green Bay enjoying the botanical garden a big storm came through (not sure if it was a real tornado, but it still did damage!) The power was out for about five hours as a power line post broke at a neighbor's house. I think this was the biggest storm we've ever had.

The barn door must have been blowing around as that t-post had been on the outside and was in the inside when we got home. Thankfully the barn door is fine.The tarp sheds I made last fall are kind of squashed!

The chimney broke.
This tailor moved about 80* in the wind.
A small shed blew into our laundry line and both smashed.
A neighbor's hay wagon blew over.
Another neighbor's tree came down (so did lots of other trees and branches.)

Thankfully both my fencers were fine and no animal was hurt. A calf hutch blew about 25-30 ft., knocking down some fences on the way, into the pasture where the sheep and goats were.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Green Bay Botanical Garden

My Mom, sister, a guest from England and I went to the botanical garden on Wed. It was beautiful! Warning-photo heavy. This is just a very small fraction of what there was to see.

There was a flower kaleidoscope (made with real flowers.) These pictures were taken through the viewing lens.

Under the grape vines on this display was a nest with some baby birds (scroll down.)
This baby bird was adorable. He was pokeing his head out and looking
English Garden.

I loved the roof on one of the gazebos.