Monday, January 14, 2013

A Treet!


My goaties loved their (Christmas) "treet", it was devoured within 2 days! The sheep daintily nibbling their 2 "treets", so I gave one to the goats and it was gone by morning! (The trees are Christmas trees that I "rescued" for a good purpose from our local town as I was going through.)

Thursday, January 3, 2013



Shetlands and Shetland crosses enjoying the snow
My "wonderful" sheep like to "help" me feed them. Every day the make a bee line for the gate and come pouring out running and leaping to the big bale. No, I can't hold back 70 odd sheep who want to go.....I feed them out in the pasture and they walk back out. Until the next day and then repeat. Oh, you can also see how much snow we got in this picture.
PS23 Fairlie an F1 Orion
PS23 Fife. Fife is a 3 year old also an F1 Orion
IleDeFrance ram (just now a yearling as his original flock lambs in the late fall) He lost some weight after breeding, he had the biggest group at 23, but is not thin. His wool is around 2 in. long right now.
PS23 Heather
Tame sheep. I didn't treat Heather any different from any of the other lambs born last year and she decided to be tame. She is in your face tame!
Heather's fleece
Tommy and his flock of hens out enjoying the snow