Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Updates

So far this summer has been very hot and humid. The first hot day we lost 7 (20%) of our butcher chickens-they just can't take the heat. The next day I found a dead goat. The doe, Belle, had been sick two other times (one time it was bloat) so it was not too surprising. (Also lost a sickly lamb. The lamb had never been "right" since day one.) This heat really will take out any sickly animals! So far everyone else is doing ok.

I found this guy in the pasture the other day. He is as big a dinner plate. Unfortunately he was dead (and had been for some time as he did not smell.) Poor guy!I finished this baby hat around the 4'th of July. (I gave it to some friends at church who just had a baby.) The top is Shetland and silk, the bottom is mohair locks which I spun on a drop spindle. The flowers are made from scraps of some of my millspun yarn.

This was an ice-cream cake I made for my brother's birthday. The bottom was chocolate chip cookies, then ice-cream, then chocolate chips melted with a little butter (so it would not freeze as hard) and then more ice-cream and lastly toffee sprinkles. It was on the rich side, but it is a lot cheaper (and tastier) then store bought ice-cream cakes.