Saturday, February 23, 2013

Zeilinger Woolen Mill

Well, I'm finally getting around to getting the post on Zeilinger up. I got to visit Zeilingers when I did the shearing class, we got to go there for a tour. Winter set in and I'm just milking cows, feeding sheep, doing some exercises (to get in better shape for shearing), washing wool and dyeing wool. I also have been spinning occasionally.

Note: Kristen Rosser took some of these pictures as well as myself. Some I'm not sure who took. She took the pictures of the lake and the town.

MI 214
MI 215
The dehairing machine. It works by humidity and blowing air. The coarser fiber fall to the bottom and the fine stuff makes it to the end. I asked the guy who was running the machine (it had Pygora) how much loss there was. I was shocked that the Pygora LOOSES 75%, alpaca and llama are not nearly as bad. In my opinion, why raise a Pygora?  One looses so much during processing and then it costs a lot to process. Angora goats can have amazingly fine fleeces and the only loss is grease. They are also easier to shear, I would think. (I've never shearer a Pygora, but did shear 2 Alpine/Angora crosses once.)

MI 204MI 213MI 212
MI 203
The coming machine. It runs carded roving through all the fine teeth and combs it removing all hay and noils. It is the machine that performs magic, in my opinion, turning icky hay filled neck wool into dream fiber.

MI 239
MI 243
MI 240
MI 244

Spinning frame

MI 198
MI 225
MI 235
MI 234
Carding machines

MI 217
Bath tubs to wash wool in

MI 230
Knitting machines-Z Wool does fantastic socks.

MI 231

This was a cool picture of a halfway shorn Merino ewe that Z Wool had.

MI 233
The shop

MI 194
MI 192

MI 191
I don't know what lake this is, but it was pretty!