Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ram lambs for sale

Moorit ram lamb out of Heights Orion and SheepyHollow Sienna. He is a twin (I'm keeping his twin brother and don't need two rams out of the same breeding.) His fleece is very, very soft and has a crimp just starting to come in. He is darker in real life. He is available for $250
This little guy must have broken his tail as it is always crooked. (It was strait when he was born.)
I could not catch him for fleece pictures.

Med-dark grey katmoget ram lamb out of PS23 Campbell and PS23 Bluebell. He is an F2 Jericho and carries moorit. He is a single and was born Feb. 9th. He is available for $250
fleece near the neck
fleece near the britch

Horns and fertility are guaranteed on all ram lambs.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Craigrothie and son for Juliann

First here is a picture of some of my flock. Sheep and goats look so much prettier on pasture.

Here is PS23 Craigrothie both shorn and unshorn. (His horns do clear and I have never trimmed them.)

This is Everest his yearling son both shorn and unshorn. He is a vasectomized ram. His hormones are exactly the same as a regular ram the only difference is he is sterilized. (For a teaser.)

Juliann if you can't cut and past these I'll send an e-mail with them to you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's hiding in the grass?

A baby Bunny! I found it running in the sheep pasture and got a few shots of the cute thing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eastwind had a lamb

PS23 Eastwind had a "black" krunet ewe lamb out of PS23 Craigrothie an F1 Skeld. She is an F2 Skeld.

My "summer" lambing has begun. I had 4 yearlings who did not have any udders when everyone else was lambing and I had left Craigrothie in until January soo I can have June lambs. One more is defiantly bred, but I can't tell with the others as I have not cought them and I can't see under there.

Here is a picture of Craigrothie (from the winter.) He did have more wool on his cheeks, but I had to trim it off as he had decorated himself with burrs.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Feeding sheep

Lambs playing.

Ewes and lambs.
The yearlings and old ladies.

Last Friday-Monday I was feeding Wagner's (Hidden Valley Farm) Coopworth sheep. Some were in the barn and some were on pasture. There is a group in the barn that still needs to lamb (the ram was sterile and they got bred late.) So there were also babies happening. About 8 or 10 lambed when they were gone.

Now (at home)I'm busy washing neck wool and VMy kid mohair for combed top. (Combing removes all VM and noils.) I'm also busy washing and dyeing good wool for roving.

My new goats are settling in they were runing and jumping last night. Yah!(They had been streased from the long travel.) I've got to go now and set up sheep fence and move them. The heifer and steer need moving too. I also want to put my rams and buck out on pasture. So got to go!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I have finally finished shearing and skirting my fleeces! They are for sale on my wool for sale blog . Yes I used blade shears on the whole flock including the goats. (I tried the electric clippers on one ewe but made a lot of second cuts.) Only the best fleeces are for sale the rest are for roving.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New white Angoras

The South African type Angora doe.

All of them.
Two fine Texas white Angora does. The one on the right is the finest doe.
The buck is a Newman boy. He is very fine too!

Kris W. and Judy P. went down to Texas to Tracey Ross's to get some goats and said that they could haul some for me of course I said yes! Texas is the Angora state and Tracey has some really nice goats. She has Texas and South African goats and some out of Fred Speck ( A top goat breeder whose goats are worth thousands of $$ and have kid mohair at 9 and 10 years old.) I still can't believe that I have them! Thanks Kris and Judy for hauling them!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Out they go! / The first rites out Summer!

Yah! I finally got them out! (The rams and cattle will have to wait until Sat. or Mon.) I spent a lot of time dewoming, delousing, hoof trimming, giving CDT (to the ewes/does, the lambs will get done when they are older) and finishing shearing-so I could delouse them. Then I set up the electro net and fencer and out they went. (I move my sheep every 1-3 days.) There was mad confusion as the lambs were calling for their dams and they were too busy eating to answer. They were still bawling when I went in. This morning they are all quiet and peaceful-the lambs are by their dams!

I just got an e-mail this morning from my Angora friends that went to Texas for that they are back! I will probably go down to the farm where the goats are on Sat. I got/am getting 1 buck and 3 does. These goats are the super fine Texas whites. They may actually carry color as the breeder is breeding for color out of whites (CAMs ) rather then the CAGBA goats. I can't wait to see the goats!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We had been collecting turkey eggs and getting them into a friend's incubator once a week. Then my little sister, Lydia, found a turkey on a HUGE nest. The turkey would not sit on them any more so she took all the eggs in-there were 1 1/2 dozen chicken eggs and 1 1/2 or 2 dozen turkey eggs! The eggs were in the house NOT under any heat for about 4 hours. We did not expect any to hatch-but they did! 17 out of 18 chicken eggs hatched. Turkey eggs take longer so the ones from the nest still have time. (One chick had defect and died.) So we have 16 little chicks. We don't need any more chickens so we are not planning on keeping them. 10 are spoken for.
There is a wire "cat cover" to protect them from our very curious cats.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Done lambing and lamb stats

Windswept Lime had a white ram lamb. She waited to breed until I had put all the adult ewes and rams together so I don't know who the sire is. He does look like a purebred though. Lime was the last ewe to lamb (at least for now, if the four yearlings are bred they'll lamb in June.)

The lamb stats are:

18 cross bred lambs:

5 ewes- 2 white Merino/Shetlands, 1 Corriedale-Dorset/Shetland, 1 white Shetland/North Country Cheviot and 1 light grey Shetland mule (Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester)

13 rams (now wethers)- 1 white Corriedale-Dorset/Shetland, 1 light grey Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester, 1 Charcoal Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester, 3 white Shetland/Bluefaced Leicester, 5 white Shetland/North Country Cheviots, 1 Shetland mule/North Counry Cheviot and 1 Shetland mule/Shetland

16 purebred lambs:

9 ewes- 2 fawn, 3 white, 2 black, 1 light grey and 1 grey katmoget (3 are AI ones)

7 rams- 1 fawn, 2 white, 2 moorit, and 2 grey katmoget (4 are AI ones)

4 Angora kids- 2 black bucks (now wethers), 1 back doe and 1 white doe (also had 1 doe and 1 buck that did not make it-the one with the funny ribs.)

This year I won't have any ewe lambs for sale (I'm keeping all the good ones and any that don't meet my standards will go to market.) I will have a few ram lambs for sale including 1 or 2 Orion F1's. The Angora wethers and black doe kid are for sale after weaning. I also have a 3 year old red Angora buck that is for sale.

My Mom's garden (in the dining room!)

I added a picture of the " rise" in my post about rooing.