Thursday, July 24, 2014

Moving To A New Pasture (from a sheep's perspective)

We were all locked in from the pasture (at home) and wanted to go out and eat. Then we were corralled into the pen next to the barn. I was in the first mob to go in the magic silver box. We are kind of scared of the box, but also kind of like it. We ran in and the human shoved the door closed before we could change our minds and get out. Then the box shook and moved. The door opened and we were in the middle of paradise. New green pasture with nice hills and shade trees. Hey, I remember this place we were here before and the box took us home, now it took us back. I like it here.

The box drove away. I think the human might control the box as the human gets in the noise machine  (truck) that seems joined onto the box.

The box came back! I and all my friends came running to see who is going to come out of the box. I stood by the door baaing as I could hear my lamb. My lamb came running and got a nice drink from me. Boy my lamb is getting big! He is almost as tall as I am! I can hardly smell his tail (to make sure it really is him not some sneaky lamb trying to steal my milk.)

The box kept coming and going and each time it came more friends or family were coming out! So each time it came we all had to come running and circle round it until the new mob came rushing out. Then we were all here and the box didn't come back. The noise machine did as the human needed to give us water. The noise machine makes water (from a tank), that must be magic too. We always come running when the noise machine get here as our human comes out. We like our human. She I think our human is a she her baa, is it called a baa?, isn't very deep. She is reassuring to me and my friends and sometime gets us new tasty food! So we always come, cause you never know when the new food will be available.

Bye for now, I am hungry and am eating dinner,

Fronzie the Shetland X Merino

PS: If you like this I can tell you about shearing and deworming and any other things that happen to us.