Friday, February 17, 2012

Lamb Fun

The ewe lamb figured out how to play on mom....

Here the ram lamb is trying to get up on top of mom, but can't quite figure out how to.

This is my black CAGBA buck kid that I bought this fall from my friend Kris. He was sitting like a dog for about 3 min.!
"Ahh I'll sit down now."

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Once Again

I have some surprise lambs! I went out side to hear the sound of newborn lambs about a week ago. This was going to be the year of not surprises as all of the rams and ram lambs were at home and all of the ewes and lambs were down the road grazing on a hay field or so I thought.. One of the "wethers" was not castrated right. The results are doing well.
The ewe is a Shetland X Merino and the sire is a Shetland. Both were white and the lambs are colored, but the ewe lamb will be grey and the ram might stay black.
Now for some more pictures...

ewe lambs (there are a couple ewe in here as well as they were very thin so are getting better feed with the lambs)
Fawn kat
This is the white AI (Skeld X Swan) lamb who had gotten sick. She is completely better.
This year it is especially good that I coat my sheep as the hay I'm feeding the lambs and goats unfortunately has a lot of burrs in it.
Buck and wether kids plus the ram lambs. This year I am planning on selling about 10 kids for butcher and hope to get a good price. I will shear them in mid March and then sell them.