Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye Daisey

On Saturday I sold Daisey the Dexter cow. I had gotten both Daisey and Heifer, the Jersey, pregnancy tested and Daisey was open, while Heifer was bred. (Heifer will calf in Sep/Oct) We only need one cow for milk and a steer for a companion/meat. So Daisey was the one to go. It was also harder to breed her as she had to be bull bred (no Dexter seman and too small to cross breed) and that means loading her up in a trailer, ect. while Heifer can be AIed. Daisey's original owner bought her back so she'll be used for breeding. Her dam was an old cow (17 yrs) and her last calf was dead, so he tried breeding her back for a replacement and that did not work out. I guess Daisey ended up being the "last calf".


  1. hey i know of places you can buy Dexter semen! shoot!

  2. Aww, I want mini cows someday...maybe mini white park..or jersey...hmm...SHe's very cute! At least she went back to her breeder who will use her :)