Monday, November 12, 2012

Goat Breeding Groups 2012

On Sun. I put all the breeding groups of sheep together as they should be done breeding. (I  had a couple groups combined on Sat. and finished on Sun.) Boy chores sure are easier now! I finally got the goats together on Sun. as well. (I would have waited until Mon., but Mon.'s weather was supposed to be cold and snowy, which it is, and 4 of my 12 goats were in heat.) Next spring at the tail end of lambing I'll have kids which is a good thing as I won't have to shear the goats as early and it hopefully will be warmer for the more sensitive kids.

Lavendar Hill Nepal-fine "black" (charcoal) Hopeing for intense color in this group!
PS23 Germany-white color carrier out of Pearl and Danburry the TX buck
Colorfield China-"black" (charcoal)
PS23 England-"black" (med. grey)
PS23 France-white color carrier (Henry's full sister)
Colorfield Pearl-faded red/taupe
PS23 Heath-white color carrier out of Pearl and Albee the OR buck.

PS23 Henry-white color carrier out of Belle and Goathill Caspian (a faded red.) All of the goats in this group have really nice mohair- I'm hoping for a few colored kids to pop up!
PS23 Geneva-(Germany's twin)
PS23 Hailey-white color carrier out of China and Danburry

STAG Rocky-AAGBA (pure white) from TX. All of his does are AAGBA whites. 
STAG Eden-TX doe
RCF Terra-OR doe
DFD Jade-OR doe
KSF Ivy-super fine fleece (I actually mistook her fleece for a first cut kid fleece, but then realized that it was too curly and remembered that I sold most of it.) 

Dyed Chicks

I just found out that some people dye chicks! Crazy! The eggs are injected with dye before they hatch. As the chick grows up they do loose the color. Personally I like to natural colored chicks best and some may buy these guys as pets and not take care of them. Though I do wonder what a broody hen would think if some of the dyed ones were put under her. "Oh My, what happened to my children!?"

A video of the little guys: