Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ram lambs for sale

Moorit ram lamb out of Heights Orion and SheepyHollow Sienna. He is a twin (I'm keeping his twin brother and don't need two rams out of the same breeding.) His fleece is very, very soft and has a crimp just starting to come in. He is darker in real life. He is available for $250
This little guy must have broken his tail as it is always crooked. (It was strait when he was born.)
I could not catch him for fleece pictures.

Med-dark grey katmoget ram lamb out of PS23 Campbell and PS23 Bluebell. He is an F2 Jericho and carries moorit. He is a single and was born Feb. 9th. He is available for $250
fleece near the neck
fleece near the britch

Horns and fertility are guaranteed on all ram lambs.