Friday, January 9, 2009

Douglas the NCC's group

Sonsie 108 "Douglas"-(a Reg. North Country Cheviot) is a muscular ram with down type wool. I don't believe that he carries color so all his lambs will be white.
Eve-(PS23 Carmicheal a Shetland X Potter the NCC) is a white Shetland mule with very fine longwool type fleece.
Eco-(Anastasia a Shetland X Potter the BFL) is a grey katmoget Shetland mule with fine longwooltype fleece.
Meatball(my sister named her) is a 3/4 Coriedale X 1/4Dorset. Her lambs are just for market. She has down type wool-good for Q-batts.
Windswept Lime-(Windswept Great White Shark X Windswept Ladybug) has a very large white intermediate fleece.
PS23 Bluebell-(Justalit'l Joshua X MacEwen Kelly) is a coarser double coated black iset ewe.
PS23 Ariel-(Glennsdale Jedidiah X Bramble Jocelyn) is a coarser double coated med. grey ewe.(Ariel has had very nice fleeced pure bred lambs and some that were not nice at all)
MacEwen Kelly-(Glennsdale Jedidiah X Glennsdale Hyacinth) is a coareser double coated lt.grey ewe
PS23 Almond-(Maplewood North Licorice X Holy Hills Onyx) is a double coated black iset ewe.
Minwawe Milky Way(Minwawe Captain X Minwawe Galaxy) is a fine double coated ewe. Milky Way is a smaller ewe.
Clarice-(Unreg. Shetland) is a lt. grey coareser double coated ewe.
PS23 Diamond-(Windy Acres Golden Eagle X PS23 Bluebell) is a double coated shaela ewe.
Bramble Jocelyn-(Great Plains Joey X Bramble Ginny) is an intermediate-double coated moorit iset.
PS23 Buttercup-(MacEwen Kirkwall X Holy Hills Onyx) is a double coated black iset ewe.

Most of Douglas'es lambs are for market but a few Shetland-Cheviots may go for breeding stock (and I may keep two to compare to the mules.)

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