Saturday, January 3, 2009

Angora goat pictures

"Belle"-4 years old and "Dynamo" a 2-year old buck (she is his dam and she is behind him)
"Caspian"my faded red buck-he's 3 years old
"Egypt", "England" and "Congo #2"-kids from spring
(Syrah is the dam of the doe kids and China is the wether's dam)
"China" -3 years old (Syrah is her dam)
"Syrah"-9 years old
"Pearl"-2 years old
"Pearl" jumped out of her pen to eat the hay that was inside the pen-goats go figure!
An Alpine x Angora is in the back ground-the crosses are going to market on Monday.


  1. About your goat Syria i think that is her name..I have a goat blonde? that we just rescued not long ago. We believe she is in the 9 year old there any way to tell how old she actually is? Can they still be bred at that age? Seems a bit old for breeding...but just wanted some expert advice...


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