Thursday, January 8, 2009

Craigrothie's group

PS23 Craigrothie-( Island Skeld X Holy Hills Onyx ) a white with fine, lustrous, single coated fleece. Craigrothie has excellent conformation and a perfect tail. He has abberrant horns as he sire both horned and polled ram lambs. Craigrothie is a well mannered ram.
Longshadow Orphan Annie-(Longshadow Rutherford X Longshdow Bethany) is a fine fleeced intermediate. Annie is lt. grey (carrys solid) Annie has a good tail, but her back legs are slighty hocked so hopfully that will be improved. (She was bred to Trevor, but I think she came back in heat)
PS23 Crombie- ( Heights Orion X Bramble Jocelyn ) a moorit iset with crimpy single coated fleece. Crombie has a good tail and conformation. Her fleece is "spongy" and dull so I hope that Craigrothie improves that.
UnderTheSon Brulee- (SabbathFarm Marceau X Thistlekeep Aquilegia ) is a dk. moorit iset with very soft intermediate fleece and great conformation and tail.
PS23 Elm- ( Windy Acres Golden Eagle X MacEwen Kelly) is a lt. grey double coated ewe with good conformation and tail.
PS23 Emrald- ( PS23 Campbell X Holy Hills Onyx) is a fine, soft, lusterous intermediate fleeced dk. grey katmoget. Emrald has a nice tail and conformation.
PS23 Edelwiess- (PS23 Drummond X PS23 Dove) is a very lusterous crimpy single coated-intermediate musket katmoget.
PS23 Evening primrose-(V Creek Prince Valiant X Longshadow Amber) is a black solid side gulmoget. Evening Primrose is a silky intermediate-double coated ewe with a good tail and conformation.

Craigrothie was my "clean up" ram for the ewe lambs and some of the purebreeding ewes. (Justinian originally had more ewes, but most came back in heat for Craigrothie. It was the way I bred them not Justinian's fault.)

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