Monday, January 5, 2009


Cow shed and hay feeder (the hay feeder doesn't work they just knock all the hay onto the ground ;( )
Red Dexter bull calf-born March
"Heifer"7/8 Jersey 1/8 Lineback-born last June.
"Heifer" and "Daisey"
"Daisey" Reg. black Dexter cow.

Dexters are a small duel purpose breed of cattle. Dexters originated in Ireland and are related to Kerry cattle. The max weight of a Reg. cow is 750# -many are not even that big. Dexters do very well on grass-they get fat if grained. Dexters have rich milk comparable to Jersey milk, but not the volume.For more info on Dexters go to .

Jersey cattle produce more milk per Lb. than any other dairy breed. They also have the richest milk of the dairy breeds. Jersey cows are very gentle while the Dexter cows have a little more attitude.
Cross bred Jerseys are so much hardier than the frail pure bred American Jerseys. New Zealand Jerseys are also hardier. For more info on Jerseys go to .

A cross of these two breeds would be the best of to worlds-more beef than a Jersey and more milk than a Dexter plus the hybrid vigor!

These cows are for our family's milk supply and the bull will be a steer soon and he's for beef.

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