Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lamb pictures

Down to 4 ewes left to lamb! Here are some purebred Shetland lamb pictures.
Love this little ram (UTS Sorelle x PS23 Drummond) lamb's "elf ears"!

Sabbath Farm Swan's twin ewe lambs. The "black" (top) has a brown cast to her head and legs and her wool looks sheala/emsket underneath. I'm not sure what color she'll be! Her twin has a very consistent birth coat and is moorit, but may fade to musket. (PS23 Essex had a med. moorit ewe lamb that looks just like Swan's moorit.)

This little gray gulmoget was born this morning and weighed just 3 # 6 oz.! Tiny! Her twin brother is a lot bigger than her. Her dam is PS23 Easterlilly and sire is SheltringPines Justinian.

These two are Sabbath Farm Silvia's out of PS23 Fairlight an F1 Jings. The (top) lamb with the black leg is a ram and is very nice looking. He has a perfect tail and a very consistent birth coat. The (bottom) ewe also is very nice.
PS23 Edelweiss with her grey Gulmoget/Katmoget ram. Edelweiss is very tame-I think she is the tamest/friendliest sheep that I have and her ram lamb is tame so far.


  1. That white lamb with the dark leg IS very striking, and what an unusual "marking"!

  2. Is that little guy with the dark leg one big white spot?

  3. Your picutures are so fun. Quick question: what is the best tool you have found to shear your animals ---to preserve the wool?

    So far I hire a man with electric shear---just am concerned about cross contamination from other flocks.

  4. Thanks Michelle!

    Hi Mim,

    I think he is white (AWT) as his sire is, but you never know. (I also got a white lamb out of the same sire with a brownish spot on her thigh.)

    Hi Pam,

    Thanks! I use Burgon and Ball handshears. They are made in England. I got them from Profiles Show Supply.

    You could also ask your shearer to clean his equipment before coming to you farm.