Monday, April 27, 2009

Edelweiss and Eco's lambs

Eco a Shetland mule (Shetland/BFL) had a grey katmoget ram lamb. I had bred her to my Cheviot ram, but she recycled and was bred to PS23 Craigrothie so the lamb is 75%Shetland 25% BFL.

PS23 Edelweiss had a white ewe lamb out of PS23 Craigrothie. The lamb is an F2/F4 Skeld and F3 Brent. She is a tiny lamb-only 2 # 14 oz.! She looks like she'll have a nice fleece and conformation. She is already an escape artist! Her dam lambed when we were at church yesterday morning and when I got back her poor mom was bawling. I saw birth fluids hanging out and thought that she had not lambed yet, but was having trouble. As I was going to the house I saw Miss Tiny hanging out with some big lambs. After I put her back her mom licked her off everywhere and was so happy to have her baby back. I'm glad she did not reject her!
Here is a picture of both the lambs together. Now I have just one more ewe to lamb, Windswept Lime, a first time lamber. I have four yearlings that I think are open, but they may lamb in June as Craigrothie was with them long enough.

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