Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Winter projects

This post is a list of the wool related projects I'm working on.

#1 -I'm planning on spinning and then crocheting a small sample square of as many breeds as possible.So far I have Bluefaced Leicester, Coopworth, Corriedale, English Leicester Longwool, Finnsheep, Katahdine, Lincoln, Merino, Navahjo Churro, North Country Cheviot, Polypay,Romney,Shetland, South African Merino,Teeswater and Wensleydale. My goal is to add at least 10 breeds a year. The reson for this project is to show people that there are many, many breeds of sheep-each with its own type of wool.

#2-I have a crocheted rug that I'm working on out of Shetland britch wool.I've been working on this for 2 1/2 years so I want to get it done!

#3-I am working on spinning yarn to sell, I have some "old" (in colors no one like, but in yarn it is a hit) Shetland roving for single ply. I'm also spinning a lot of mohair lock yarn. One other kind I'm going to try is a single ply of Shetland (or any wool) with mohair wraped around it.

#4-I am planning to make something with all the colors Shetland sheep come in. Not sure what yet-maybe a blanket, shawl or sweater. (I actually need to shear my sheep first for this one as my emsket fleece is still on the sheep! hee hee!)

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