Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"Queen of Hearts" is 80% Shetland and 20% mohair. It is $27 a lb.
This roving is 88% Shetland and 12% silk noil. It is $27 a lb.
"Springtime" is 90% Shetland and 10% mohair with glitz. It is $28 a lb.
"Tropical Rain" is 75% Shetland and 25% mohair. It is $27 a lb.

"Autumn Sumac" is 66% Shetland and 34%mohair. It is $28 a lb.
"Fireworks" is 80% Shetland and 20% Sari silk. It is $32 a lb.
"Irish Hills" is 100% Shetland. It is $25 a lb.

All of the rovings listed on here a available in 1/2 balls and are able to be reproduced except the red with yellow noil.


  1. The second one, the Shetland with silk noil, looks really lovely! How much is there? Can you email me a better photo of it (mmcmillen@macnet.com) and figure what shipping would be to 97101?

  2. Nice roving! Are you doing this yourself? Who's dyeing the fiber? Etc, etc please tell us more! I like the shetland/silk noils also.

  3. I do the dyeing. I use Cushings acid dyes.(I also do almost all the dyeing and washing for Hidden Valley Woolen Mill.) I wash my wool with Dawn and my sheep are jacketed-so no VM. Paul and Carol at Hidden Valley do not use spinning oil so it spins really nicely.


  4. oh, the shetland with silk noils! It's beautiful. Is there any left?

  5. Thanks!

    I have 2 balls left.