Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Micron Counts

I just got my micron counts back from Texas A&M.

PS23 Easterlilly 21.5 SD5.7 CV26.4

PS23 Edelweiss 25.3 SD6.7 CV26.4

PS23 Elsie 22.8 SD 6.5 CV28.6

PS23 Ely Cathedral 29.4 S 7.4 CV25.2

PS23 Emrald 26.3 SD7.3 CV27.8

PS23 Essex 26.3 SD7.4 CV28.3

The above are all lambs.

PS23 Dancer 23.8 SD5.8 CV24.3 last year she was 23 SD5.1 CV22

PS23 Daysong 30.0 SD7.2 CV24.1 last year she was 28.4 SD7.1 CV25

PS23 Dove 28.4 SD8.0 CV28.2 last year she was 26.9 SD7.8 CV28.9

PS23 Drummond 29.3 SD6.6 CV22.5 last year he was 26.5 SD6.9 CV26

These ones are all 2 years old. Last year's samples were lambs.

Eve (white Shetland mule out of PS23 Carmichael an F1 Jericho) 25.2 SD6.3 CV25.1

Eco (gray katmoget mule out of an unreg. Shetland) 28.9 SD5.9 CV29.4

The sire on both of these is Richert 79 Potter 24.6 SD5.2 CV21 at 2 years.

Now more Shetlands

Sabbath Farm Fonteyn 31.9 SD6.0 CV18.9 7 years

SheepyHollow Sienna 25.2 SD6.4 CV25.5 3 years

SheltrgPines Justinian 32.5 SD 7.2 CV22.1 4 years

UnderTheSon Brulee 29.1 SD7.4 CV25.4 6 years

UnderTheSon Claremori 30.8 SD8.4 CV27.3 4 years

UnderTheSon Sorelle 28.9 SD7.8 CV27.1 5 years

UnderTheSon Stella 30.6 SD8.0 CV26.1 5 years

Windswept Lime 33.1 SD8.7 CV26.3 2 years

I was surprized by PS23 Dancer as she did not change much and neither parent is as fine as she is. I was also surprized by Sabbath Farm Fonteyn as her micron was higher than I thought it was.

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