Monday, December 14, 2009


My load of wool er hay came. (The sheep and goats will turn it into wool by spring !) The unfortunate thing is the hay guy was supposed to come in November and I had even called him in October to try to get a date set, but he kept canceling or changing the dates. So now that it is winter our driveway is too slippery for a semi to get up. The bales had to be unloaded on the road and taken up with the skid steer that I rented. The bad thing is three bales fell into the ditch-a very steep, muddy ditch where cattails grow in the summer. Anyway my Dad and I managed to drag up one of the bales piece by piece on sleds up the driveway. Then my brother, Iain, thought he could get the other two bales after all with the skid steer. Well....the skid steer slipped all the way to the bottom of the ditch and after an hour and a half the skid steer was still stuck in mud that is like pudding. We had even tried putting down some hay (about half a bales worth) to try to drive on, but that did not work! The good thing is the skid steer company said not to worry and they'd just bring a tractor on a semi tailor and tow it out.

The other good thing is now I have hay! I was feeding small squares of marsh hay and about 1/2# of grain to my ewes a day (there is not a whole lot of nutrition in marsh hay and they waste a lot), now they will just get alfalfa hay.

Here's what I've been spinning- picked mohair locks with...
black Corriedale lamb. The yarn is very soft!


  1. Your hay story is a nightmare, but your yarn is a dream!

  2. People don't realize how difficult farm life can be unless they have lived it or read/heard about it.
    Love your yarns.

  3. No idyll, but would you trade it? I hope you are snug in your home and spinning away!

  4. Ooh, shiny, beautiful stuff. Playing with wool inside makes all the outdoor stuff okay, even these weather extremes.
    But, so sorry for your hay misadventure.

  5. What a bummer about the hay and the skid steer. I love the yarns, what beautiful colors.

  6. It always feels so good to get the hay delivered, but YIKES, too bad about your troubles! On the other hand, the yarn is yummy! You have inspired me to spin up some mohair locks which I dyed a few months ago.