Saturday, December 26, 2009


We had a very rainy, but full Christmas. Family and some friends came over and we ate and read a passage from the Bible and visited. The next day though it got cold again and stopped raining. Here are a few wool related projects I made for Christmas presents.
A wool filled quilt for my Dad (covered in cotton fabric.)

I made a scarf for my big sister, Helen, out of some of the yarn in an earlier post.

Here are a few of my ewes and adult rams. I keep my adult ewes with the adult rams in the winter. (The ram lambs are in a pen with my Angora bucks and the ewe lambs have their own pen. The Angora does also have their own pen.)

My crossbred market lambs are growing nicely (the were shorn in Oct.) I just have 10 of them left.

I just thought that this snow drift was really neat looking so here are some pictures of it!
Oh and just 3 months to go till these guys start popping out!


  1. Enjoyed reading your post. What kind of sheep coats do you use and where do you get them?
    e-mail is

  2. Hi Jackie,

    I use Rocky and Matilda-I will e-mail you the links.