Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shorn goats

I finally got my Angora goats shorn. (This year is late because my blades needed sharpening and took it long time.) I still have to shear my red buck and market/cull lambs.
Turkeys like trampolines!
Another sunrise.

Today it snowed! Well it was more flurries, but still-too early for me. We had a HARD frost on th 31'st or 1'st-so hard the hose froze and the sheep water had ice in it. The funny thing is that 15 min. driving time from here had no frost as they are closer to Lake Michigan.


  1. Oh no...they'll NEVER fatten up for Thanksgiving with all that jumping fun! :)

  2. I need some Angora goats...ever have any colored ones for sale? :)

  3. Hi Garrett,
    I'm e-mail you about goats

  4. What a funny site, those turkey on the trampoline. I did a double take.

  5. I adore the Turkey photo Laura. It is so much fun to see critters interacting with human structures.