Saturday, March 21, 2009

Claremori's lambs

Under The Son Claremori had twin AI lambs out of Heights Orion. One is a ram and one is a ewe. They look like they will be fawn or mioget, right now they look moorit, but at skin level the wool is paler.


  1. Check out Theresa's recent post on modified colors: What is the color of your little ram's "purse"?

  2. Lovely coloured lambs. They're related to some of my sheep too!

  3. Michelle his "purse" is a golden fawn
    color. Jenny that's cool that we have sheep that are related!

  4. Hi Laura,

    Nice to see that Mori gave you some nice lambs! Looks like one or both will be mioget. Can't exactly tell what the nose leather color is - if it is rosy pink, then they are mioget. If it is light brown, then they are light moorit/fawn.

    Oh, nice to be able to have some time to visit other's blogs instead of feeling like I'm sleeping in the barn!