Saturday, June 4, 2016

Livestock Sales

I have 14 registered Shetland ewes left.... so I updated and deleted the sold ones.

I also put up a sales list of Angora Goats. I do not think I will have many does to sell next year due to a heavy buck year (and cutting back and selling so many this year.) I should have a few nice bucks next year though.

I may have a few crossbred ewes for sale and will have crossbred ewe lambs. This year the crosses are out of two rams:
  A moorit Bond X Corriedale with a fine, crimpy fleece. Sorry no moorit ewes! (One wether has an amazing moorit fleece......)

 A white (throws colors) BFL/Teeswater/Wenslydale with a long, silky and locky fleece. Oh, there are also two ram lambs out of this boy.

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