Friday, April 25, 2014

Shetland Sheep for sale

After much thought I have decided to offer most of my Shetland sheep for sale. I have decided that I need to reduce the size of my flock so I have more time to shear!

All of these sheep that are for sale are really nice. I culled heavily last year. I am keeping sisters, half-sisters, half-brothers or dam's to all of them. Some I could not decide who to keep SO YOU get the choice on a few!!! All are registered with NASSA, except the rams, who will be when I send in the papers. Sheep that are for sure for sale are:

5 year old ewes:

PS23 Forsythia-light grey, fine fleece. Great milky mother. F2 Greyling/Skeld

PS23 Fiona-sheala fine fleece.

PS23 Flourance- white, super silky fleece.

4 year old ewes:

PS23 Glitter-white, locky fleece.

PS23 Gloxinia-dk musket, almost moorit-seasonal fader silky fleece.

PS23 Gladys-white (grey katmoget recessively) , may carry spots.

PS23 Gem-black gulmoget, silky fleece

3 year old ewes:

PS23 Heather-grey katmoget, fine fleece. OR her daughter out of PS23 Fife. Buyers choice.

PS23 Hydrangea silky, fine fleece Sabbath Farm Swan X Skeld (AI) OR her white yearling out of PS23 Fife. Both are white, both are nice. Buyers choice.

PS23 Hyacinth-grey katmoget, dark patches, fine fleece.

PS23 Hadassah-moorit horned ewe. Fine-super fine fleece. Her daughter that I'm keeping is also horned.

PS23 Hummingbird-dk sheala, fine fleece (fleece won Best of Show)

PS23 Honeydew- fawn katmoget, silky fleece.

PS23 Hollyhocks-fawn, silky fleece. Threw a moiget ewe lamb and a spotted mioget ram.

2 year old ewes:

PS23 Isadora white (moorit recessively)

PS23 Isabelle-lt. grey, super fluffy fine fleece. Threw a spotted lamb.

PS23 Iris-lt grey, silky fleece. OR her dam PS23 Goldenrod-musket, silky fleece

PS23 Ingrid- grey, seasonal fader. Silky fleece.


Moorit yearling- fine/ very fine. Horned. PS23 Forsythia X PS23 Fife

Black- yearling- fine/very fine. Horned-out of a horned ewe.
 PS23 Funzie X Somerange Gilroy


Too early to tell, but right now it looks like I will have a couple black (some look like super fines) ewe lambs and a couple whites. I will have to check the ram lambs to see what I have.

If you need any more info or a fleece sample feel free to e-mail!

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