Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shetland Ewes For Sale

I have made a list of Shetland ewes that are for sale. I am selling them because I have their sister, mother or daughter and am cutting back on my flock. I am wanting to reduce the burden on my pastures, barn and want more time to shear sheep! My dream is to go to NZ for a level 2 shearing class some day.

I will also be offering PS23 Craigrothie, F1 Skeld (threw a couple polled boys) in Nov/Dec. after I use him. He is super friendly and not aggressive. He has a soft, silky, crimpy fleece that is around 26 microns (I can look it up if anyone wants to know.) Good tail.

I also am going to sell 8-12 crossbred ewes. They are all good mothers and have excellent handspinner fleeces. If you are looking for a certain cross ask.

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