Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crossing Group

The Corriedale and Coopworth rams went in on Mon. so in five months I'll have lambs!

The ewes are all on the hay field near St. Nazianz

The girls who are getting crossbred are:

14 commercial ewes (7 Coopworth X Shetland, 3 Merino X Shetland, 2 BFL X Shetland, 1 Corriedale X BF/Shetland and 1 Shetland X Corriedale/Dorset)

21 Shetland ewes:
Longshadow Amber-musket
UnderTheSon Claremori-fawn
UnderTheSon Hopi-dark brown
PS23 Dove-white
Windswept Lime-white
PS23 Elm-light grey
PS23 ElyCathedral-fawn katmoget
PS23 Emrald-grey katmoget
PS23 Early Spring-mioget
PS23 Evening Primrose-black gulmoget
PS23 Essex-moorit
PS23 Finch-white
PS23 Fairlie-fawn
PS23 Fiona-black
PS23 Gloxinia-musket
PS23 Grettle-white
PS23 Gwendolyn-musket
PS23 Gloss-white
PS23 Gem-black gumoget
PS23 Ginger-musket
PS23 Gentian-black

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