Friday, September 17, 2010

Cow for sale

Picture taken last fall after she freshened.

I have a Jersey cow bred to Honour-polled (one of Genex'es bulls) for an end of Oct. calf (she is vet checked). The cow is 3 years old and this will be her second freshening (she's dry now.) She is halter trained and also trained for hand milking (I also used a belly milker a couple times with her.) She would be a great family cow. I'm selling her as I need the shed/pasture space for my flock of sheep and goats. She is $1200.


  1. I really enjoyed meeting you at the WSWF this past weekend....I also enjoyed soaking up some of the extensive knowledge you have regarding spinning and processing wool.
    I hope to see again soon,

  2. Somebody's gonna get a nice cow! Good luck with that Laura!
    Amy at Wheely Wooly

  3. What a beautiful cow! I am amazed at the number of sheep/Shetland folk that have milking cows. I'd help find you a buyer if we lived closer. Good luck ... :-)

  4. Thanks everyone. I think she may have a home. Someone in Georgia who is going to graze here and use her for a family cow is coming up for her on Sat. I'm kind of sad to see my "moo moo " go, but I do need the space. I won't miss raising steers though as they are just plain obnoxious. (After the steer I have goes to the butcher I won't raise them.)