Monday, September 21, 2009

Ram Lamb Fleeces on the Hoof

Fife is an F1 Orion out of SheepyHollow Sienna. His fleece (looks more red in real life) is very very crimpy, but not quite as silky as I like. He is a tall Shetland, not as stocky as I like, but he is still a lamb so may fill out more. I'm going to breed him two couple ewes though.

Fandango (2 pics to show colors) is an F2 Greyling/F3 Orion ram lamb out of Walnut Rise Trevor and Ewe Two. His fleece is very soft and a big improvement over his dams (her fleece is crimpy, but kind of Dorset like.) He has really good conformation, but his horns are really small. I wasn't going to use him this fall, but I think he can get a couple girls. His fleece changes colors and will be a great handspinner fleece!
This is Falkirk an Orion F1 out of SheepyHollow Sienna.(The fleece color is different more red tones and a distinct color change line.) His fawn fleece is super fine and very soft, but his back legs seem weak. I noticed early on that his tail was crooked and just thought that he may have broken it, but as time went on I noticed that his back legs kind of wobble when his walks. I've never had this before and he is not cow hocked (at least not like the other lambs who have been cow hocked.) He may have spina bifida? I don't know if I should keep him over winter or cull him this fall.
Fairlight my polled/scurred F1 Jings boy. He has a very nice bold crimped fleece! His build is a little different than my other lambs. He is heavier than he looks, before I weighed them I thought he was about 10# smaller than his is! He is very stocky and square conformationly. He is definitely getting some ewes!

These two are Fetlar's an Orion F1 out of Claremori. (The fleece color is a little different in real life.) His fleece is crimpy/wavy and then halfway down changes to strait and is longer. He does have really nice conformation (he did grow horns, but they are still smaller than the other two Orion boys' horns) so I think I'm going to keep him over winter to see how his fleece turns out. What do any of you think about his fleece?

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