Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breeding groups planned

I am planning on putting my teaser ram in with the ewes in Oct. 10th. The real rams will go in 2 weeks later on Oct. 24th for March 21'st lambing start. This year I planned groups based on strengths and weaknesses both conformationaly, tail and fleece rather than color (I actually ignored color.) I've also thought long and hard-since before lambing about not breeding ewe lambs. I had several ewe lambs who did not lamb out this year and they are so much bigger and healthier looking than the ones who did lamb-EVEN if the ones who did not lamb were a lot smaller to begin with. So at least this year I'm not breeding ewe lambs.

PS23 Drummond-(F1 Brent)a musket carrying solid moorit with a long silky intermediate fleece. He has nice wide horns and great conformation.

* UnderTheSon Sorelle-(100% Dailley) a moorit a fine double coat with great conformation.

* PS23 Dove-(F2 Skeld/Jericho) a very silky intermediate white carrying musket. She is slightly cow hocked, but her lambs should be nice as I did this breeding before and loved the results! (Edelweiss)

*Sabbath Farm Fonteyn-(F2 Greyling/Holly) a very crimpy, single coated, horned, fawn katmoget. Her only flaw is a shorter staple length (about 3-3 1/2 in.), but Drummond should improve that.

*SheepyHollow Sienna-(F3 Timothy/Minder F4 Jaimie) very crimpy and fine single coated, horned, moorit. She is slightly cow hocked, and has a shorter staple (about 2 1/2 in.) and I hope Drummond fixes that.

SheltringPines Justinian- (F1 Dillon) a big black gulmoget. He is polled and has good conformation. His fleece is not quite as silky as I like and is shorter stapled so I picked ewes with silkier and longer fleeces and 3 happen to be katmogets!

*PS23 Edelweiss-(F2 Brent F3 Skeld/Jericho) a musket katmoget with VERY silky, shiny, soft fleece and great conformation. She is a bit smaller, but I bred her as a lamb and Justinian should improve that anyway!

*PS23 Emrald-(F2 Jericho) a gray katmoget with very soft intermediate/double coated fleece. She is slightly hocky but hopefully Justinian improves that.

*PS23 Ely Cathedral-(F3 Jericho F4 Dillon) a fawn katmoget with long silky fleece and excellent conformation.

*PS23 Easterlilly-(F2 Skeld) a white with a fine, silky single/intermediate fleece. She is slightly cow hocked, but should improve. Her lamb (out of WalnutRise Trevor) this year is very nice!

PS23 Fandango-(F2 Greyling F3 Orion) a gray katmoget ram lamb with a crimpy single coated fleece and great conformation. So far his horns look good.

*Longshadow Amber- (100% Dailley) a dark seasonal color changing musket. She is a very soft intermediate girl. (She is Drummond's dam.) She has great conformation.

*Windswept Lime-(F2 Jings) a white silky intermediate. She has great conformation, but her tail needs work and Fandango has a good tail. Her ram lamb from this year out of an unknown sire has a nice tail and beautiful fleece.

PS23 Fife- (F1 Orion F4 Timothy/Minder F5 Jaimie) a very single coated crimpy moorit with super wide horns. He is a little finer bodied (not as meaty) than some Shetlands.

*PS23 Essex-(F2 Jericho) a fine, soft intermediate moorit with great conformation.

*Sabbath Farm Swan-(100% Dailley) a very silky and soft musket intermediate. She has great conformation.

*PS23 Elsie-(F2/3 Skeld F3 Jericho) a silky, soft single coated white. She has good conformation, but is pretty small. Hopefully Fife improves that.

PS23 Fairlight-(F1 Jings F3 Greyling/Holly) a very single coated white with bold crimp, very soft. He has great conformation, is solidly built and polled/scurred.

*PS23 Daysong-(F2 Jaricho) intermediate grey katmoget. Good conformation, but a bad tail. Hopefully that improves as Fairlight has a nice tiny tail.

*Longshadow Brownie-(F5 Timothey/Greyling) and a soft intermediate musket. Great conformation.

*Sabbath Farm Silvia-(100% Dailley) a dark AG grey with soft curly, intermediate fleece and great conformation.

*Alice the white Merino ewe. (I decided to do the Shetland cross rather than a different cross as then at least all my crosses with be 1/2 Shetland and I think Shetland/Merino fleece is very nice.)

These ewes will go under the Corriedale ram lamb-Windham and I may also be getting Coopworth ram. They would go 50/50% under the two sires.

*MacEwen Kelly-light gray double coat

*UnderTheSon Clarmori-fawn/mioget intermediate

*Bramble Jocelyn-age faded moorit double coat

*PS23 Bluebell- sheala iset double coat

*PS23 Cinderalla-black slightly iset double coat

*PS23 Dingdong- fawn intermediate

*PS23 Early Spring-mioget intermediate

*PS23 Evening Primrose-solid sided black gulmoget intermediate

*PS23 Ewe Won-mioget HST double coat

*PS23 Eastwind-emsket HST intermediate

*PS23 Elm-light gray intermediate/double coat

*PS23 Ewe Two-moorit single coat

*5 unreg. Shetland ewes. (3 light gray, 2 musket intermediate and intermediate/double coats)

*Eco-grey katmoget Shetland/BFL mule

*Eve-white Shetland/BFL mule (I don't want to get a terminal sire yet as 2 ewes are not enough)

I'm planning on keeping several crossbred ewe lambs for commercial ewes. The crosses should have very nice fleeces and I will cross them to a Texel ram as Texels have better wool than Suffolks.

For goats:

Danbury the pure white Texas buck wins out and gets them all

*China-black (more charcoal sheala)

*England-black (more emsket gray)

*Pearl-faded red (cream like musket)

*Belle-white color carrier (threw a silver (light gray) kid when bred to the faded red buck)

*Eden-pure white Texas doe

I expect all white kids, but use and sell more white mohair than colored. I can also breed the white color carrier does back to a colored buck and ( hopefully) get better colored mohair. The colored goats get medullated fibers mixed in and the fleece weights are lower than in the pure whites.

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