Angora Goats For Sale



PS23 Henry- 2 year old white out of Belle and Caspian. Belle was a white color carrier doe and Caspian a faded red. CAGBA registered. Henry is a well mannered young buck and will be ready to breed this fall. His mohair is nice and lustrous. He can throw colored kids especially if bred to a colored doe/s $250 in Nov. after I use him on a few does. Note: I have just washed his fleece and it is amazingly fine and silky! 

Lavender Hill Nepal-7 year old black buck from PA. He has a fine fleece and is a good size. $150 after I use him in Nov. His kids are very nice.


Sorry I don't have any to sell this year.

If you don't need the goats to be registered then they are $25 cheaper without papers.
I will try to get picture up as soon as I can. The ones I took look fine on the computer, but when they get uploaded they go all sorts of funny co