Angora Goats For Sale


 PS23 Kygystan/ #0812 Very nice fleece coverage and very fine! This guy is out of PS23 Henry (a CAGBA white who threw silver, dark red, black, one with a pattern, and white) His dam is PS23 Iceland a fine fleeced doe (out of an AAGBA superfine buck and a taupe dam) 1 year old. For sale in mid-late Dec. After I use him. $350

 #0808 sire is Lavendar Hill Nepal (a fine fleeced black buck) and Eden a AAGBA (pure white doe from TX) Silky, shiney fleece. 1 Year old.

PS23 Irving- AAGBA buck. Nice luster and soft fleece at  3 years old. Sire and dam were both from TX. $400

 PS23 Iceland-Sire was a fine fleeced AAGBA buck and dam was a taupe. I am doing buyer's choice on this doe and her sister listed below.  $300

PS23 Germany- (she has more face mohair now that her fiber is getting longer) full sister to Iceland. I am doing buyer's choice on these two. $200

 PS23 India
PS23 Italy

Buyers choice again. These two are sisters, born as triplets. Their sire is PS23 Gordan (AAGBA superfine fleeced buck and CFF1 China.) Their dam is PS23 England (GHF 154 and GHF Syrah

Both were born black and then faded to a pretty med. silver grey. Italy then surprised me by getting DARK again! Italy did have a fleece break and I trimmed off the fleece at the break, so that is why her fleece is shorter. They are both equally soft and equal curl. Italy is slightly bigger, but did not kid until she was 3 years old, she had twins. India had twins last year and a single this year.

I should have several yearling does for sale next year as I have quite a few doe kids born! I don't like selling my goats as kids as I like to see them grow a bit more.

If you don't need the goats to be registered then they are $25 cheaper without papers.