Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fleece's on the hoof

Fine double coated sheala ewe lamb. Her fleece color looks a little different in real life.

Multi colored Shetland x BFL wether. His twin's fleece has the same colors, but is longer and not as crimpy. Their dam is fawn.

Merino X Shetland ewe lamb. Very fine fleece, her twin is even finer.
F1 Jings Shetland ewe lamb. She is the finest or second finest Shetland lamb. (The Orion boy I'm keeping is also very fine. Her brother is also fine, but not as crimpy.)

I got all my ewe lambs, wether/market lambs and ewes and does dewormed and CDT shots are now done. I forgot to take a picture of my favorite white ewe lambs' fleece. She is so shiny and curly-so much like kid mohair!

The dewormer pk. says "muzzle foam may be observed" and that it should clear up in a few hours. Well one of my does got foamy and was sitting and laying around and just acting sick when the other sheep and goats were walking around trying to graze (the pen they were in had hardly any grass.) So then when I let them out to pasture she stared eating. I guess animals like to scare you! The goats are also snots about getting dewormed and spit it out and then have to get more groaning and moaning the whole time! The sheep just take it with out a fuss.

I still have to deworm and vaccinate the boys. More fleece pics to come.


  1. BEAUTIFUL FLEECES!!! I love the crimp and they LOOK really fine! congrats!

    Have you done micron testing on any of the ewes?

  2. Hi Garret,

    Yes I've done micron testing on some of my ewes and some of my rams. I posted the last ones Dec. 31 2008 if you want to look. I'm not planning on doing any more as it is an added expense and I did not change my mind over breeding/cull decisions. The most important thing for me is handle and carding/spinning ability since I spin or sell all my fleeces.

    I did have a few ewes who microned at around 28 and I did not like the fleece and others who are 30-33 and the fleece is much nicer. Just my opinion at this time. (I could change my mind in the future.)