Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New sheep and WI sheep and Wool

I bought two ewes from Theresa Gygi and she brought them to the WI Sheep and Wool Festival for me. Thanks Theresa!

Sabbath Farm Swan is a nice musket ewe with a fine primitive/intermediate fleece that is very silky. Sawn is also super friendly and wags her tail when getting patted.

Sabbath Farm Silvia is a gray with a nice wavy fleece and it is a nice blue color underneath. Silvia is pretty tame too.

Both ewes have great conformation and are well proportioned. Both are bigger than most of my ewes and I hope to improve size with them. (I had a ewe who was 55-60# after weaning her lamb a big 65# BFL cross, but I culled her as I don't think she could do two lambs. Most of my ewes are bigger than that, but that is an example.) I'm going to pure breed them both, but did not decide who to yet.

I had a good time at Jefferson and got to see Angora goat friends, Shetland friends and fiber friends. I sold more than last year so I'm happy. Sales were really good on Friday, but slower on Saturday-which is weird as Saturdays are normally the best. I'm buying some new sheep coats (to replace the ones that were beyond repair) and I'm going to try jacketing my goats. I threw out a lot of mohair this spring :( . I'm also going to get my winter hay (at least some) with the money I made.

I'm kind of sad I did not save any fleeces to show as the fleece show was way down in number from last year and I don't want the fleece show to die out. I'm going to show several fleeces next year!


  1. It looks like both of the girls have settled in nicely! Glad to see that they went to a really great home!

  2. Nice looking ewes you bought Laura! I've found that raising the BFL crosses can take a lot out of a ewe. I sold off the ones I had who couldn't handle it and kept the ones who retained condition.

  3. Your new girls are LOVELY! Congratulations on some nice additions to your flock.