Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Yesterday one of my Texas does was not eating or ruminating and she was stargazing so I took her temperature and it was 105.0. I gave her a shot of Bannamine and a shot of B complex then I called the vet and he said to give her LA200. (It could have been 3 different things and LA200 is the best.) By afternoon (about 3:00) she was up and eating-back to normal! So now I'm wondering if the other doe did not have heat stroke, but I'll never know. I gave the other one Penicillin not LA200 and I don't remember if I gave her B complex.

At lunchtime one of our Bourbon Red turkey hens came walking from where ever she had been hiding with 9 babies! We did not even know she was gone so the surprise was big!

No these aren't hers. (Hers are under her and she is locked up in a cattle waterer with a wire roof on top as her babies were getting lost.) These are some that were incubator hatched about 2 months ago.
Same turkey poults today.
My little sister, Lydia, sold her 20 year old Arabian mare , Sonata, yesterday. She is going to free-lease a big Tennessee Walker instead.

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  1. Congrats on all the Bourbon Red turkey poults. LOL that you didn't even notice the hen was gone.
    Best of luck with your Texas doe. Relocating animals from across the country can be pretty hard on them. They need time to become accustomed to and learn to eat the different forages up here. A big time sheep producer near me had a tough time with some sheep she brought in from Texas.