Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adult rams and bucks

PS23 Campbell(F1 Jericho out of Longshadow Orphan Annie) Campbell is a smaller ram, but he has a very nice fleece and nice horns. Campbell could be leased out.

PS23 Craigrothie (F1 Skeld out of Holly Hills Onxy) Craigrothie has excellent conformation and a very nice fleece. Craigrothie carries solid moorit . Craigrothie has abberant horns and has sired several scurred/polled ram lambs. I'm not using him this fall though as I have some new rams to use. He could be leased out.PS23 Drummond (F1 Brent out of Longshadow Amber) Drummond has a very long intermediate type fleece and lots of luster. Drummond does carrie solid moorit so I'm hoping to get some dk. moorit lambs. I only have one lamb out of him and I love her. I am using Drummond this fall.

SheltringPines Justinian (F1 Dillon) Justinian is a big ram and has a fine fleece, but not as much luster as I like so I'm going to breed him to ewes with more luster.
North Country Cheviot ram. He is used as a crossing/terminal sire as he is very "meaty".
Danbury the white Texas buck. I'm using him on all my does both the colored and whites so I expect all white kids next spring, but that is fine as I don't want too many colored goats. I think about 2/3 white and 1/3 colored will be good.
Caspian my faded red buck. He could possibly be leased out since I'm not using him this fall.

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