Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ewe lambs

PS23 Felicity (F2 Skeld, F3 Jericho out of Emrald and Craigrothie). She is linebred on her dam's side going back to Holly Hills Onyx-the finest double coated ewe I've ever seen or had. Onyx was also a very milky ewe. Felicity has a super lustrous fleece-it is like kid mohair.
PS23 Finch (out of Dove who is an F2 Skeld/Jericho) I don't know who her sire is so I can't Register her (unless I do DNA testing), but I think her sire is Justinian. She is a nice big ewe and has an intermediate fleece that is very silky.
PS23 Fanny (F2 Skeld out of Eastwind) she was born 5/18 and is very small. Her fleece is very soft.
PS23 Flourance (F2 Skeld, F3 Brent) she is 50% UK and is very soft. She is small though, but was born late.
PS23 Forsythia (F2 Greyling, F3 Skeld out of Easterlilly) She looks similar to Longshadow Orphan Annie her granddam (one of the ewes who died from grain over load) so she is special to me. She is turning out nicely too.
PS23 Funzie (F1 Jings, F3 Holly/Greyling out of SabbathFarm Fonteyn) I'm really pleased with this girl. She has a very fine and dense fleece as well as great conformation.
PS23 Ferndale (F1 Gordon, F3 Jericho out of Daysong) She has great conformation and growth rate, but I'm very disappointed in her fleece. It is crimpy, but very coarse to feel. I'm not sure if I'll keep her overwinter to see if she improves. Her half sister out of her dam (and Lil'Country Damascus) has a very nice fleece.
PS23 Fairlie (F1 Orion out of UnderTheSon Claremori) I really like her growth rate! She has a longer intermediate fleece that is not super fine, but still nice.
PS23 Fiona (F2 Greyling, F3 Jericho out of Essex and WalnutRise Trevor) I really like her fleece as it is silky soft and very lustrous with the "white" characteristics.
Frisbee a Shetland/NCC. She is the only Shetland/NCC cross ewe this year. I'm not sure if I'll keep her or not. It depends on how she grows (and how her fleece is) by Oct.-If I don't keep her she'll be a market lamb!
Febee and
Fronzie Shetland/Merinos. Both have very soft dense fleeces. I'll breed both (and all crossbred ewes) to a terminal sire.

Fuzz a Shetland/Corriedale-Dorset with a very soft dense fleece as well.
Fudge a Shetland/BFL mule. She is the only mule ewe this year. I'm not sure if I'll keep her or not. It depends on how she grows by Oct.-If I don't keep her she'll be a market lamb!
PS23 France a white color carrier doe kid. I'm really happy that she is a she as her dam has had buck kids for two years and then had her!
OK he is not a doe, but he is cute! This is one of the two black wethers. They will be for sale in Oct. after shearing.


  1. ok how did you get almost all of the shetland lambs to have their heads UP from the grazing?! That is just amazing!

    Its no doubt the BFL crosses are eating. my BFLs never raise their heads!

  2. Nice looking lambs. I loved my Corrie/Shetland cross lambs. Your merino crosses are very cool too. I bet they have great fleece.

  3. I took my camera with me for a couple of days when I check and water the sheep. When one happened to look up I quick took a shot. It is hard to get good pictures of sheep! Some were not sanding square, but I gave up!

    Thanks Kara. Did you do the Corriedale/ Shetland cross with a Corriedale ram or a Shetland ram?