Friday, July 24, 2009

It rained!!!

This is field on the way home-it looked so cool because of the way the sun was shining.

I was at work, at Hidden Valley woolen mil, and there was thunder in the distance, but no rain. About half way home there were a few drops of rain. Then about 30 seconds later the road was soaked and there were big puddles. When I got home they said it rained for about an hr. , we got 2 in. ! 5 min. in the other direction didn't get any either. I guess we got it all! We have not had a good rain for a long time-some of my pasture is dry like hay so it was badly needed .

My little sister, Lydia, works on an organic dairy farm picking rocks and pulling weeds. The farmers had a cow give birth to TRIPLET heifer calves. (If they had been heifer and bull calves the heifers wouldn't have been able to breed. The male hormones interfere and the heifers are then infertile.) The last heifer calf was stillborn. These calves are so tiny-they are probably about 30-40# and the normal birth weight is about 90#. 1 cow in 105, 000 births will have triplets! (Twins are 1 in 200 cow births.)

*Edit-both calves are doing fine.


  1. We finally had about 3/4 of an inch earlier this week - the first in a long time. But it was a nice, gentle rain all night long. Our pastures, too, were turning brown, but now things have started to grow again here. Thank goodness!

  2. Thanks for the photos! Have never heard of triplets before, only the rare twin calves. Glad two are doing well.

  3. Oh rain we need some but usually never get any in the summer. Never two inches in an hour ever! Those calves are awesome.

  4. Amazing calvies, nice storm pictures. Isn't a rainstorm a wonderful thing, this summer?
    Gail at Little Red Oak farm

  5. Glad you got some rain Laura. We were really dry here too, but things have changed in the past 10 days or so. I think we've gotten about 3-4 inches in that time span. It's so nice to see green again! Cute calves, I hope they continue to do well.