Friday, January 9, 2009

Potter the BFL's group

Richert 79 Potter-(a Reg. Bluefaced Leicester) Potter has a very fine fleece and throws colored lambs as well as whites.
Holy Hills Onyx-(Sheepy Hollow Ol'Blue X Longshadow Jewel) is a very fine double coated sheala ewe. Onyx has a very good milk supply and should have very nice mules!
PS23 Chickadee-(MacEwen Lincoln X PS23 Ariel) is a fine double coated non-fading black ewe.
PS23 Cailly-(Island Skeld X Holy Hills Onyx) is a fine double coated white ewe.
PS23 Bethany-(Maplewood Licorice X Bramble Jocelyn) is a dk. brown iset ewe with double coated fleece.
PS23 Cinderella-(MacEwen Linclon X PS23 Bluebell) is a double coated black ewe.
Longshadow Brownie-(Longshadow Bretram X Longshadow Portia) is a lt. musket (does not carry solid) intermediate fleece ewe,
Longshadow Bramble-(Longshadow Bretram X Sheepy Hollow Fern) is a fine fleeced double coated ewe. Bramble is lt. grey (she does not carry solid.) Bramble should have very nice mules!
PS23 Dingdong-(Windy Acres Golden Eagle X Bramble Jocelyn) is an intermediate-double coated fawn ewe.
Anastasia-(Unreg. Shetland ) Anastasia is an intermediate fleeced gray katmoget. She had a nice mule last year that I kept.
PS23 Destiny-(PS23 Craigrothie X Longshadow Orphan Annie) is an intermediate-double coated lt. musket (carries solid)
PS23 Daina-(PS23 Carigrithie X MacEwen Kelly) is an intermediate-double coated ewe.
Longshadow Amber-(Longshadow Rutherford X Lonshadow Spice) is a fine fleeced intermediate dk. musket(carries solid). Amber's mules will be very nice!
Alice-(a pure-bred Australian Merino) Alice is just for fun of seeing a BFL x Merino (I did the Shetland X Merino last 2 times and got ram lambs.)

(Potter's goup of ewes on the whole are nicer fleeced ewes than Douglas the NCC's.)


  1. Gee's you have so many sheep! I'm interested in the size of lambs born to this group and fleeces on the cross-breed shetland/BFL. Seems I'm going to need to breed for fine fleece and carcass weights here more than ever next year.

  2. I have 9 goats and 57 sheep. I'll have way more in the spring!! My next post has picture of the 2 Shetland mule I kept (the wethers were bigger) I'll post some pictures of the mule fleeces in the next couple of days.

    The BFL x Shetland lambs are 5-9lbs. at birth. My purebred lambs are 4-6lbs. The cross bred lambs do have nice small heads though and most are born without assistance.