Friday, January 9, 2009

A.I. group

PS23 Dancer-(PS23 Craigrothie X PS23 Carmicheal) is a very fine fleeced single coated white. Dancer is a smaller ewe and has good conformation and tail. Dancer was bred to Kier Gordon.
UnderTheSon Craremori-(Justalit'l Silas X Glenmore March Madness) is a mioget/fawn intermediate fleeced ewe. Claremori has a nice tail and confotmation. Craremori was bred to Hieghts Orion.
Sheepy Hollow Sienna-(Underhill OB 1 Quixote X Great Plains Dainty) is a very fine fleeced non-iset moorit. Sienna is a taller ewe with good conformation and tail. Sienna was bred to Hieghts Orion.
UnderTheSon Stella-(Underhill Grant X Sabbath Farm Swan) is a very soft, intermediate fleeced ewe. Stella has great conformation and tail. Stella was bred to Island Skeld.
Sabbath Farm Fonteyn-((Underhill Bothwell X Walnut Rise Janet) is a soft single coated ewe. Fonteyn is a large ewe with a nice tail and conformation. Fornteyn was bred to Drum Jings.
PS23 Daysong-(PS23 Campbell X PS23 Bethany) is an intermediat-single coated ewe. Daysong's tail needs to be improved. Daysong was bred to Kier Gordon.

I did have 2 other ewes, but they for sure did not settle (I saw them getting bred by a "clean up"ram) Hopefully these 6 Did settle!

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