Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chickens and turkeys!!!

Banti Americaunas
chickens and turkeys in the day
Bourbon Red hen
Bourbon Red Tom
Americana hen
Black Australorp hens
more Black Australorp hens


  1. Those chicken the first thing that came to mind was "Black Bird Singing in the Dead of Night"
    I'm thinking of some heritage type turkeys this year. Do you get many chicks from your turkeys and which type do you like to raise, for meat or do you get chicks?

  2. Last year we had around 30 turkey chicks from 2 hens. (The first year we ordered turkeys from a hatchery and kept them for breeding.) Our turkeys are Bourbon Reds, a rare breed, and while they take about 2 x as long to grow are the heavy breeds (that can't even breed naturally) they forage really well and taste great! The heritage breed turkeys have more dk. meat.

    We will probably have turkey chicks available for sale in May/June-as we have more hens this