Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Size Comparison

I thought that since I had time/daylight yesterday when I started doing my chores that I'd take some pictures of the Shetland ewe lambs side by side with the Shetland cross lambs.
From the left two Shetland X Coopworth ewe lambs, the biggest Shetland ewe lamb that I have (Sabbath Farm Swan X PS23 Fife) and the Shetland/BFL X Corriedale ewe lamb.

From the left again two Shetland lambs (one wether and one ewe PS23 Daysong X PS23 Fairlight) and then three Shetland X Coopworth ewe lambs.

A close up of two Shetland lambs (white ewe is PS23 Daysong X PS23 Fairlight) on the left and two Shetland X Coopworth ewe lambs on the right.

On the left and in the background are three Shetland X Coopworth ewe lambs and the grey one is a Shetland ewe lamb (PS23 Emrald X ShelteringPines Justinian.)


  1. WOW! Big difference! Do the crosses need a lot more feed?

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I just feed the ewe lamb group (with both the Shetland and Shetland crosses) an amount per head. I figured out the average weight and am feeding based on that. A sheep needs 3% (multiply 0.03 X the sheep's body weight) of its body weight in dry matter a day and I add a little more to account for waste. The Shetland ewe lambs are about 50-60# on average while the Shetland crosses are about 90-100#. (There were a couple small Shetland X Coopworth lambs, but those are all going to market.)

    As far as the Shetland X Coopworth being hardy they will probably be as hardy as Shetlands as Coopworth sheep are very hardy.