Monday, January 24, 2011

A couple fleece shots

The other day I snapped a few fleece shots of some of my ewe lambs...

Musket Shetland ewe lamb out of Sheepy Hollow Sienna and PS23 Drummond.
One of my Shetland X Coopworth lambs. Nice bold crimp and very shiny. (This picture turned out a little blurry.)
The Shetland/BFL X Corriedale lamb. Vey soft and silky.
One of my favorite ewe lambs. This is a musket out of Sabbath Farm Sawn and PS23 Fife.


  1. Beautiful fleeces all, and very representative of some I've seen in historic photographs of Shetland sheep from the islands.

  2. Lovely fleeces Laura!

    Swan's girl. Wow! Excellent breeding! I would do that one again! Length, luster, color, and crimp.

  3. Hi Theresa,

    Swan's other ewe lamb is a lot like the first musket sample. I don't know if I can breed Swan next fall as she is getting old, but her AI lambs should be nice and I used Fife on a couple ewes this fall. (Swan's lambs are the only lambs from him. There was a very nice moorit who killed herself at about 6 weeks and his other ewe did not lamb.)

    Thanks everyone