Monday, January 24, 2011

Few more fleece shots

A Shetland X Coopworth ewe lamb
Grey Katmoget wether-unfortunately he is a wether not a ewe! I'm going to use his sire PS23 Fandango next fall in hopes of getting some nice dark grey katmogets.
White Shetland ewe lamb out of Windswept Lime and PS23 Fandango
Black/charcoal Shetland ewe lamb out of PS23 Emrald and SheltringPines Justinian
Shetland X Coopworth ewe lamb
White Shetland ewe lamb out of Sabbath Farm Silvia and PS23 Fairlight.
Shetland X Merino ewe (Shetland sire/Merino dam) This one is a bit blurry and the tiny crimp doesn't really show up. This is more matte than Shetland, while the Shetland X Coopworth is much shinier. (Coopworth lamb is more matte than adult Coopworth so these Shetland X Coopworth lambs' adult fleeces should almost glow!!)


  1. Thanks for sharing your fleece shots. My fav is the second to last one out of your white shetland ewe. Hope you plan on entering something in the fleece competition this year at WSWF!!

  2. Thank, that ewe lamb and Swan's crimpy ewe lamb are some of my favorites. I'll probably enter some fleeces at the WSWF show and sale this coming year. I may also show a couple at Greencastle as I am going to be a vendor there this year.