Wednesday, August 19, 2009

weaning and updates

They think I'm going to move them-that is why they are crowded together.

I've had a very busy past few days. Last Monday I weaned, dewormed, and vaccinated my lambs. I also weighed the lambs and sorted out my adult rams/bucks. (I had decided to graze the with the ewes after all, but took the out a month and half earlier than last year.) The smallest lamb was 25# and the biggest 70#. (The smallest was a really late born Shetland and the biggest a cross.) Most of my pure Shetlands are 40-50#, but the avarage of the Shetlands is 36.25# and the avarage BFL cross was 51.35#, the average NCC cross 54.57# and the cross lambd born in Feb. 60#. (The averages would have been higher, but I had a few "shrimpy" lambs.)

My rams are having a great time eating weeds and grass in the winter pens and in the back yard. My ewes are on hay after being off feed for 48 hours (so they don't get mastitis.) I'm going to round up the ewes and check their udders today and then let them out on some grass.

(The lambs and non-lactating ewes are still on pasture.)


  1. You have some beautiful sheep and goats. It sounds like most of them are growing nicely.

  2. Thanks Carol, your lambs are really nice too!